10 Design Mistakes You Might Be Doing in Your Living Room

Among one of the most styled as well as embellished locations in the house is the living room.  The living room ought to meet two criteria: functional and versatile. These two should perfectly describe the space where you can entertain guests and loosen up a bit with your feet up.


Living room is often the biggest area, and so decorating it and making it comfortable at the same time seem overwhelming. Save yourself from costly living room design mistakes from the 10 most usual designing blunders made by Australians in their living-room, as well as exactly what could be done to prevent them.


Blending the Style or Designs

It’s normal to have a penchant for one particular design, but mixing various designs together in one room looks lousy. Rather, choose items that have common elements that interact with each other. If your couch has rectangle-shaped arms, make certain you pick an elbow chair with matching arms instead of rolled arms.

Too much matching

While blending various designs does not work out just fine, neither does matching single item in the space. It’s great to match several mix of your furnishings, but include dashes of colour to make it more interesting.

Furniture Placement

Pressing the furniture against the wall surfaces of an area makes it look smaller. Allow the area to breathe by drawing the furnishings far from the wall surfaces.


Television positioning

The very best location to place a TV is on an empty wall surface that isn’t really obstructing the window light. The television ought to be placed on the wall surface for a much more structured appearance if possible. Or else, see to it you have actually an appropriately sized television unit.

Lack of rugs

A space is never ever full up until there’s a little bit of colour and also pattern on the flooring. Carpets on floor give heat in winter, while rugs on carpets are perfectly great.

Rugging it incorrectly

While carpets are a must for a sophisticated living-room, they must match the dimension and also design of the area. Tiny carpets destroy the balance in the room, so choose a carpet that’s huge enough that the front feet of all your furnishings are placed on it. This gives equilibrium and also produces areas for your room, and also will make it really feel bigger also.

Too much mess or clutter

When it comes to maintaining the living area clean, storage space is vital. The more you could hide it on closed doors the better.

Absence of colour

Lots of living room do not have colour, specifically with regard to art work, cushions and carpets. Colourful items add life to a space!

Large furnishings

Many individuals load their living room with furnishings that too big for the room, specifically when it comes to couches. This will certainly make the area feel and look smaller. Think about couches and also chairs with slim line arms, specifically for smaller areas.

Hefty Curtains

Unless your curtains are a gorgeous textile and also pattern, you really do not need the curtains to be the attribute of the space. Think about roller blinds in a neutral material rather than large, hefty drapes – you could still have the block-out impact yet in a much more refined method.

Add Life to your Garden with Outdoor Water Fountains

A water fountain absolutely gives an added charm to your yard or garden. It’s not just the design of the fountain that is eye-catching but also the relaxing sound of the running water and the birds that are drawn to it.  A water fountain is another enhancement for those looking to bring nature a little closer to their residence.

outdoor water fountain design

Water Fountain Dimensions
The kind of outdoor water fountain to set-up will depend greatly on just how much area you need to work with. A water fountain with a large container or basin may take up a lot of area if you are dealing with a limited space.


The range that water will certainly drop easily ought to amount to or much less compared to the distance in between the pool’s side and where the water touches the surface area. If water is dropping openly for two feet, the side of the basin should be at the very least two feet away from the water’s point of impact on pool (making the whole size of the container at the very least four feet). This is to maintain splashing water in the fountain, not on the ground around it.


One way to reduce the amount of essential area is to not have free falling water. You will certainly require little to no pool diameter if the fountain is developed to have water move down the side of an object rather than falling through air. You’ll maintain the sound and also the running water, yet the occupied space be vertical rather than horizontal.


Fountain Installation and Maintenance
Numerous outdoor water fountains are independent as well as are built to be set up by the buyer. This means you have to prep up the space where you’d want to place the device and then plug it in.


If you are dealing with a bigger fountain there could be a considerable amount of excavating, and special focus will certainly be required to line the basin. A professional will be required to install a fountain with huge pool.


Outdoor water fountains have electric powered pumps. These fountains running for longer period of time can invite more mosquitoes.


Water fountains in environments where the temperature level typically goes below cold the freezing point should be drained and the pump may need to be removed. To control algae and protect the wildlife living in the water, a small amount of bleach can do its job.
Solar Water fountains

solar water fountain
Having a solar powered water fountain implies little upkeep and energy cost. Most solar powered water fountains are self-contained and also could fit right on a counter top. If you want one in the kitchen area, you’ll most likely require to connect it in. Solar fountains gain popularity as most people are looking for eco-friendly and energy efficient alternatives.








Outdoor Fountain Animals
The suggestion of having pets about is an attractive one, although a lot of water fountains are not developed to house fish, frogs, or other water animals. You’ll require a unique fishpond if your interest is keeping koi or fish outside.

Ways to Sandblast Brick Stone Siding

Washing brick stone siding with acids as well as various other liquid cleaning products might not be the ideal cleaning approach to utilize, considering that acids could soften the building material. The best option would be to sandblast the brick stone siding. The sandblasting process may look overwhelming and require professional help, but basically, the process requires a sandblaster to propel sand or other types of grits to help clean the surfaces and remove paint. There are health concerns regarding the use of acids in cleaning and sandblasting, but the latter can be prevented by wearing the proper working gear.



sandblasting the exterior brick stone

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Prior to beginning the sandblasting job, cover the windows with used wood boards or plyboard. Cover various other locations that are not brick with tarpaulins or heavy duty adhesive tape. See to it that the only areas revealed are the brick stone siding surface areas.


Determine what particular type of grit or material to use to complete the sandblasting process. Sand particles have different grades so it’s best to ask for recommendation from the supply store. When you’re opting for simple cleaning solutions, you should go for super fine articles. Rougher grains must be used on hefty cleaning. When cleaning just recently mortared brick wall surface, eliminate huge parts of mortar with hand devices and allow the mortar to completely dry for 2 weeks at the very least prior to sandblasting.


Safety and Security Procedures

Cautious security procedures are needed prior to the actual sandblasting job. Take note that high velocity of sand particles could be harmful to the skin, the eyes, and also other parts of the body.


 Preparing the Sandblaster

Put sand to the sandblaster  and also set up the nozzle. Comply with the manufacturer’s directions in setting up the equipment and also look for suggested cleaning distance. Inspect the directions, too, for suggested sandblasting rate


Testing the Sandblaster

Prior to utilizing the sandblaster to clean up the whole brick stone siding, it is best to run the device in a unnoticeable location. Check the sandblaster at a close distance and see if it has cleaned the tiny surface area. Try to move a bit farther from the tested area until you reach the the right distance.


 Tidy the Entire Area

Stand at the optimal range and also sandblast the whole area of the wall surface ,and also move from location to another after each section of the wall  has actually been cleaned up. Never ever take too long at one section of the wall surface as the sandblaster could do even more damages.



A sandblaster could be fairly expensive so try renting one. Rental facilities could likewise provide various qualities or grades of sand bits. You can try asking where to get some.

Never attempt sandblasting  a brick stone siding with  mortar that has not yet entirely cured. Always wait for weeks before proceeding.



Bringing Sauna and Steam Bath Right into your Home

Gone are the days when saunas and steam rooms can be experienced only in the most expensive health clubs and spas across Australia. While it’s one of the most lucrative or “elegant” business for some, the demand for saunas in the country has obviously grown tremendously over the years as many Australians are craving for complete relaxation to forget, at least for a few minutes, the stress from their daily grind. And there’s a lot more – saunas can be brought to your home!


Steam bath as well as saunas installed in your bathroom can produce a spa-like ambience in your house. When you sweat, the health benefits of infrared saunas and prefabricated steam baths with steam generators aid your body to eliminate toxins or contaminants. Mounting a custom sauna and steam room has actually been made a whole lot simpler with the numerous premade residential and steam room kits on the market.

You have three choices: buy a premade sauna set, obtain one that is customized to match virtually any kind of dimension or form, or opt for an infrared sauna. Sauna kits are often ready to install and they come in packages with almost everything you need such of benches, an electrical heating unit and an air tight door to maintain the warmth and steam inside. Some also include insulated panels which could aid to accelerate the entire installation process. The only disadvantage to buying a premade set is that you are restricted to the  layout and design of the manufacturer, but that’s not an issue if you‘re able to find one that suits within your requirements.

infrared home sauna from Sunlighten

With customized sauna packages, you generally send out the maker with the measurements of the area where you will install or place the sauna, and the maker will create the sauna that suits your spatial demands. This is a bit much more labour extensive because you have to mount the area and also make certain the wall surfaces and ceiling are properly insulated. Another concern is that for any sort of electric job you must most hire a qualified electrical expert to do the job, or else you could finish up nullifying the manufacturer’s service warranty.

A steam shower is a similar option that uses the area of your shower unit where it’s currently installed. Prefabricated acrylic steam showers actually have steam generators built right into the device.

Saunas and steam showers provide a feeling of elegance and serenity, and also creates a spa-like setting in your bathroom. These days, you don’t have to go to Finland (a popular place for traditional spa) or stay in an expensive spa. It’s possible to experience the same relaxation right into your own home.


modern design sauna and steam room